Be Your Inner Rock Star Tonight! (Concert Karaoke 7pm-1am)

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It sounds like you are new to singing at a karaoke bar. There are somethings that you can do that will make it easier on you if it is your first time.

What bar should I go to?
Remember there is a difference between a full time karaoke bar, and a bar doing a show once or twice a week. Karaoke bars tend, to have singers that sing a wider range of songs. Bars that are having a karaoke show for a night tend to have singers that fit in line with the customers of that bar. So if you go to a country bar, expect more country. Whatever bar you pick it should be friendly to you. F.Y.I EVERYTHING gets sang at AJ'S.

What night should I go?
This one is pretty simple. Bars are busiest on Friday and Saturday night. The crowd will be bigger, but you will not sing as many times. Smaller crowd maybe the way to go for your first time.

What time should I go?
Go as close to the start of the show as you can. If it is a good karaoke show it will start to fill up fast. If it's your first time you probably want a smaller crowd.

What song should I sing?
If you are new to karaoke pick a song you like, and know well. Nothing will shake your confidence more than singing that new song you kind of know. Imagine what it will look like when you find out in front of a crowd you don't know all the words. The easier it is to sing the better when you are new. Another common mistake is picking a song that is too long. Try to pick something that is 4 minutes or less. Still the most important thing is to pick a song that you like, and isn't too difficult when you are new. If you have a couple of songs you want to try out you can ask the karaoke host which song they think the crowd will be more in to. Most of all just have fun with it. I've seen many people not sing a song well, but were fun and the crowd loved them. You can see what songs AJ's has on our song book page.

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